Antivirus 7 Removal – How to Remove Antivirus 7 the Easy Way

Antivirus 7 is one of the latest “rogue antivirus” programs to be unleashed best antivirus uk onto the Internet. These programs look like normal antivirus tools, but are designed specifically to hound & annoy you, until you give in and buy the upgraded version of this software. Little do many people know that Antivirus 7 does not do anything to improve your PC’s performance or security. In fact, it will do more damage than it will fix, making it vital you remove Antivirus 7 from your PC.

Antivirus 7 acts like a “normal” antivirus program, as it has a “GUI” (Graphical User Interface) and has an application file that runs continuously in the background of your PC. This means that you can remove this infection manually, by clicking onto the “Add / Remove Programs” applet inside Windows. However, the problem with this is that if you try and remove this infection the manual method, it will leave all the malicious code on your PC, which could lead your personal details to be stolen.

The recommended & easiest way to remove this virus is to scan through your PC with an “Anti-Malware” program. These are software tools designed specifically to deal with problems like the Antivirus 7 infection. You can use these programs to scan through your PC and remove all the malicious components of Antivirus 7 from your system. Think of Antivirus 7 as like a weed in your garden – which is continually trying to take over your PC. If you just remove the files and GUI of this software, it’s just like trimming the leaves of the weed – in order to remove it, you need to get rid of the root.

The best way to rid your PC of the Antivirus 7 infection is to use an anti-malware program, such as MalwareBytes or XoftSpy. These tools are available online and if you find yourself unable to download them, you should download them with a PC that isn’t infected and then transfer the programs over on USB or CD. However, after you’ve used these programs to perform a “deep” scan (will scan through your entire list of settings & files), you then need to be able to use a registry cleaner to remove any of the damaged settings left behind by Antivirus 7.

A registry cleaner is a software tool designed to scan through the “registry” of your PC and repair any of the damaged settings / files that are inside it. The registry is a large database inside Windows, which stores all the files & settings your PC requires to run. Unfortunately, rogue antivirus programs like Antivirus 7 install a lot of malicious settings into the registry database, making your PC vulnerable to future threats. To ensure this is not a problem, you should use a ‘registry cleaner’ to fix any of the malicious settings left behind by Antivirus 7.