Best Rug Pad For Needlepoint Rugs to Keep Them Flat

The beauty of needlepoint rugs lies in the fact that they are handmade and flat weave. This flat weave creates a certain look that is almost like having a painting on your floor. Since needlepoint are thin and could be quite flexible, it is important to have the best rug pad to keep them as flat and wrinkle free as possible, as well as keeping the needlepoint rug from sliding.

I hear people ask me if they should put a thick rug pad under their needlepoint carpet to add comfort. Well, some cushion is fine yet too thick of a pad would not keep the rug flat. Visit 0nline for more details, The needlepoint rug does not have any pile and hence no substantial weight to keep it from buckling on top of a thick and very cushioned pad. The best rug pad for this is one that has a little cushion and a lot of non slip function.

A jute and rubber combination rug pad is best for needlepoint rugs. This contains has a recycled jute surface that is textured. This textured surface safely grabs your needlepoint. The bottom of this pad consists of a layer of natural rubber that safely grabs to the floor. Now, you have a rug pad that is grabbing your carpet and the floor and this is the best way to keep your needlepoint rug flat, wrinkle free and looking the way it should. The pad is needle punched and this means it is dense enough to keep your needlepoint rug still when people are walking on it.