Feng Shui Tips for Bedrooms

Utilize the powers of feng shui to rest better, be more empowered and fruitful, and further develop your affection life. The room is significant on the grounds that it is there that we re-energize and prepare for another day. Getting a decent night’s rest is basic to our wellbeing and prosperity.

Rooms additionally bear the cost of protection. It very well might be where a youngster holds their fortunes and dreams, or it tends to be your place of closeness with your accomplice. Feng shui says that issues in the room from a wide range of sources can be followed to how your space is organized. Rooms ought to have more yin energy than yang. Yin is detached and advances unwinding, while yang energy is powerful and empowering. Involving your room for different purposes like work can likewise credit to yang energy. Visit for more details Split Head Mattress

Peruse on to find what to stay away from, how to work around the impediments of the room and how to make the best feng shui you can in your room.

Optimal areas for a feng shui room are southeast, east, west, northwest or north of the home’s middle. Rooms situated toward the south, southwest or upper east of the home’s middle ought to be stayed away from if conceivable.

Room Don’ts

Gym equipment and exercise space; Office hardware and work area

Work and exercise are both vital, however they shouldn’t happen in the room. These exercises both produce a ton of yang energy, which is troublesome in a dozing climate. Assuming there could be no other spot for your gym equipment or office materials, attempt to cover them up around evening time so they are not apparent tokens of what is sitting tight for you when you get up.


Many individuals put a television in their room, yet besides the fact that they disturb rest, they upset connections. You need to have the option to associate with your accomplice in the room, not the late night film. TVs emit electromagnetic waves too that are not something sound for the room.


Mirrors make it challenging to dispose of old feelings since they reflect chi back at you while you are dozing.

Sharp corners and edges

Furniture with sharp edges and plants that have barbed leaves intrude on the progression of chi. Smooth and round shapes are considerably more helpful for rest and yin energy.

Hard, sparkling surfaces

Metal, mirrors and sparkling stone surfaces like marble will effectively make the chi move quicker. This is what is going on you want while you’re attempting to unwind and rest.


It is better feng shui to have a sleeping cushion raised up off the floor on a bed outline so that air and chi can flow underneath it. Assuming you want this space for capacity, it helps on the off chance that the put away materials are rest related and that it needn’t bother with to be recovered and utilized too as often as possible. On the off chance that you are attempting to become pregnant, don’t focus on it to clean underneath the bed. Assuming the chi amasses under the bed, it can help.

Ruler sleeping pads

Extra large beds require a split directly down the center since two box springs are expected to help the sleeping pad. This likewise makes a split among you and your accomplice. To fix this split, wrap the two box springs with an enormous piece of red texture or track down a fitted sheet sufficiently huge to cover the two of them. Put the sleeping cushion on top not surprisingly.


Attempt to get electrical wires and outlets far from your head when you rest.

Destroyed beds

In feng shui, in the same way as other different customs, destroyed beds convey awful energy.